We bring a fairytale-like touch to your lives with brilliant designs. As Ottoman Halı, we are one of the largest carpet firms in Turkey and Europe. We combine all the colors of nature with incomparable designs of the Orient. We have built up a fine reputation with our quality products that exceed customer expectations.

With an annual capacity of 500,000 m2, Ottoman Halı is proud of being the largest Axminster carpet weaver in Turkey, blending traditional lines with modern designs. We carry out production at British standards with technological joint ventures we have made with the world’s leading manufacturers. We produce within a concept framework which determines the desired colors, design and dimensions and are amazed with the courageous and creative solutions we come up with regarding customer satisfaction.
It is Ottoman’s traditionalized service guarantee to provide prices for carpet order requests with all necessary information conveyed within 24 hours, and a carpet sample within a week whenever the customer provides the necessary design information. We have the capacity to produce 12 colors on electronic looms and up to 252 colors on spool looms in accordance with your orders. Our customer portfolio includes 5-star hotels, motels, bars, restaurants, movie theaters and bureaus.